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pronounced: rōō-bē'dō


 In a city teeming with newcomers, Rubedo is a rarity:

a born & raised Denver band that hasn’t forgotten its roots.


Rubedo is dynamic -- the band has never sought to be like anyone else or made a conscious effort to belong to any scene; belonging has happened naturally. As a band, the sum of their parts contains complex personalities that come through in their music. Rubedo’s style is rooted in a positivity and a brotherhood. They do not align with any establishment, acting instead as leaders who connect with their audience through deep love and musical ingenuity. 


Call it fate or coincidence but it seems that Rubedo –Gregg Ziemba, Alex Trujillo and Kyle Gray– had to be part of contemporary rock history. The band´s genesis was thunderous and spread immediately among an audience eager for genuineness at the dawn of the new century. The band’s sonic chemistry was inescapable.

Lacking pretentiousness from the moment Rubedo stepped onto Denver’s music scene, their presence was felt at home and far beyond, as the band found comradery and support in music communities across the country. 

The band made such an impact beyond their hometown that even the mythical Ikey Owens (The Mars Volta and Jack White) was drawn to the become a part of the formula. Owens acted not only as the producer of Rubedo’s primal 2012 release Massa Confusa and 2013’s Love is the Answer, he became the keyboard player and fourth member. His looming role as the musicians’ advisor figured deeply into the artistic and personal DNA of the band – a feeling perceptible even in 2017’s Vaca, released years after Owens passed away in 2014. 

In 2021, Rubedo enters a new phase with Blood Moon, their most organic work to date. The album unfolds in a clear evolution of sound but at the same time, keeps the band’s essence and creativity. Blood Moon embodies the feeling of an album that has been created gradually.  

Who it be is one of Blood Moon’s most positive tracks. It highlights the importance of compassion, making it clear that Rubedo´s religion is just love – the song acting as a conceptual extension of previous albums.  Dominic Davis (Jack White) plays bass on Blood Moon, a valuable contributor whose work shines through on the instrumental theme The Matador. The song itself was born after an energetic jam in the studio that highlighted guitarist Alex Trujillo´s Gypsy Jazz Psychedelic personality.

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